1. Interface
    New York, New York
  2. Blue Eyed Christ
    Los Angeles, California
  3. Red Lokust
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  4. Sensuous Enemy
    Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Esther Black
    Sacramento, California
  6. silver walks
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Tragic Impulse
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  8. Trade Secrets
    Los Angeles, California
  9. Null Device
  10. And Void
    Edmonton, Alberta
  11. Spider Lilies
    Washington, D.C.
  12. boxed warning
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Buffalo, New York


Distortion Productions Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Distortion Productions is home to twenty-one acts: Interface, Red Lokust, Tragic Impulse, Blue Eyed Christ, Esther Black, Traumabond, Sensuous Enemy, The Dark Clan, Null Device, boxed warning, Shutterdown, Spider Lilies, Ghostfeeder, silver walks, Trade Secrets, Third Realm, and Stoneburner, as well as international acts including Dope Stars Inc., Am Tierpark, Tenek, And Void and En Esch. ... more

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